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Soufflet Agro Russia: 10 years’ development in the barley supply chain

22 November 2016

On 18 November, Soufflet Agro Russia celebrated its tenth birthday attended by its farmer customers and partners, and Didier Thierry, Chief Executive of Soufflet Agriculture. Based at Griazy, near Lipetzk south of Moscow since 2006 at the heart of the world’s best farmland (black soil called Tchernoziom).

Soufflet Agro Russia’s business is run following the same barley supply chain logic* that the Group has been developing in Central Europe and the CIS since the start of the millennium. Soufflet Agro Russia is responsible for covering the malting barley requirements of the Saint Petersburg malt plant, built by Malteries Soufflet in 1998, with a capacity of 110,000 t. Soufflet Agro Russia currently buys in 175,000 t a year and employs 56 staff.

Didier Thierry, General Manager of Soufflet Agriculture, (3rd from the left), surrounded by teams of Soufflet Agro Russia.

Didier Thierry, General Manager of Soufflet Agriculture, (3rd from the left), surrounded by teams of Soufflet Agro Russia.

As regards agricultural innovation, in the eight regions where it operates, the company offers its expertise to develop farming and in particular is implementing its Soilteq programme, dedicated to conservation farming. In spring 2017, it will be offering drone services for precision agriculture. In 2015, Soufflet Agro Russia launched a range of fertilisers under the “Soufflet Agro” label and has just created a seed brand “Soufflet Seeds”.

* The Soufflet Group has also been operating from Moscow, Russia, since 1999 in the wheat sector with AIT Ingredients which has just acquired Sphera (Lakinsk).


Locations of the Soufflet Group in Europe and Eastern Europe: 
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Message from Jean-Michel Soufflet : 

Dear Partners, Dear Friends, The Soufflet Group is a French agro-industrial group specialized in the collection, trading and transformation of cereals.

Everything started, more than a century ago, in Nogent-Sur-Seine, which is in the Champagne Region of France. Since our beginnings as a small family owned Country Grain Merchant, we have grown by using our expertise in grain supply-chains, from the farm to the first transformation process such as Flour Mills and Maltings. Today, we are present in all of Europe’s major cereal production regions, collecting more than 5,5 MT cereals, producing 1 MT flour and 2 MT malt. All this has been made possible because we have kept our values intact at each stage of our development and in our daily work :
– A passion for our client’s interests based on the development of long-term relationships
– A strong work ethic, the ‘Family business spirit’ with team members whose different capabilities and responsibilities are all complementary. – Expertise and professionalism with an aim to be the best in all that we do
– The need for a sustainable and a profitable target. This is how we have grown, year after year, in Europe and in the World. We are committed to long-term strategies to “add value to the Earth’s potentials”. Soufflet Agro Rus has been developed in the same way, with the same spirit and the same roots. Despite the distance, Russia has a particular place in our heart, firstly because of its people and culture, but also due to the immense potential of its agricultural production. Our company has developed malting barley supply chains for St. Petersburg, where we built a maltings in 1998, as well as a wheat supply chain, for Moscow where our company, ” ZAO DANALNAYA MELNITSA”, was established in 1999 in the business of ingredients for the baking industry. We have recently reinforced our presence in this sector with the acquisition of the company SPHERA in Lakinsk, last September.

This is why I count on all of you, the Soufflet Agro Rus team, partners & clients, to always keep our values in mind, in order to reach the huge but exciting challenges that we are facing. Our vision for Russia is a long term vision so we expect to have many more birthday celebrations together ! Happy Birthday to Soufflet Agro Rus/ Happy “10 Years” to SouffetAgro Rus

Our approach

Right from the outset, the Soufflet Group developed itself in the wheat and barley industries by broadening the scope of its activities and acquiring more in-depth expertise from collection to transformation. Controlling all aspects of the production chain, in order to serve all its stakeholders, has always been our culture.