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Rice Day

03 December 2013

For the 4th year running, Soufflet Alimentaire invited its industrial clients to take part in a “Rice Day”, accompanied by Soufflet Alimentaire specialists and rice growers from the Camargue region of France. This event is an original way to learn more about the upstream stages in the rice chain.

Eighteen people representing twelve companies and a production potential of 190,000 tonnes of rice-based products (manufacturers of breakfast cereals, milk and rice puddings, pet food, rice cakes, sushi and baby food) arrived in the heart of the Camargue region during the evening of 9 October 2013.

On 10 October, their day began with a tour of François Jourdan’s farm. François Jourdan is part of the Sud Céréale cooperative (a Soufflet Alimentaire-exclusive partner) and a member of the “Baby food rice” club. During the tour, our clients learned more about the job of a rice grower and about the Camargue rice sector, and in particular were shown an ear of short grain rice taken from a new very high-potential variety developed for the Camargue region by Sud Céréale.


The day then continued with a trip to Soufflet Alimentaire Camargue’s industrial site, home to the only plant in France carrying out rice parboiling for manufacturing and out-of-home catering clients (rice for ready meals, quick-cook rice), as well as a natural rice production unit (plain rice for breakfast cereals, milk and rice puddings, sushi, pet food, rice cakes, etc.).


Finally, clients attending the event enjoyed a comprehensive market report on rice at the global level, with particular focus on the specific features of the European market to help improve their insight into the challenges faced and the outlook for the coming years. This also provided an opportunity for them to gain a clearer understanding of Soufflet Alimentaire’s expertise in the international sourcing of rice, pulses, rice flour milling and culinary aids.


Every year, Soufflet Alimentaire sends out invitations to the “Rice Day” to a selection of its industrial clients who wish to improve their knowledge and command of the upstream stages in the rice chain. The initiative has proved a consistent success since its introduction.


Our approach

Right from the outset, the Soufflet Group developed itself in the wheat and barley industries by broadening the scope of its activities and acquiring more in-depth expertise from collection to transformation. Controlling all aspects of the production chain, in order to serve all its stakeholders, has always been our culture.