Product innovation

Malt goes organic

17 November 2012

malt bio

On a market where environmentally responsible production holds an increasingly important place, the Soufflet Group is closely involved in making products from organic farming. Among them, it has been able to gain real expertise in producing organic malt.

The original request for organic malt came ofcraft brewers, who until then had to source their supplies essentially from suppliers outside France. Initially our production enabled them to buy in standard bags and then in big bags. Now organic malt can be supplied in whole truckloads. We are also able to offer craft brewers a “custom” organic malting service.

The plant certified for organic malt production is our Arcis-sur-Aube malt plant, which can run production batches of 25 tonnes of raw material. The initial offering was limited to standard organic Pilsen malt. It has since been supplemented with a wheat malt, then a Munich malt and also a rye malt.

Since July 2010, more than 200 tonnes of organic barley has been malted, with very significant growth in the second year (146 tonnes of malt sold in 2011-2012). In the current year, sales are following the same dynamic trend.

Our approach

Right from the outset, the Soufflet Group developed itself in the wheat and barley industries by broadening the scope of its activities and acquiring more in-depth expertise from collection to transformation. Controlling all aspects of the production chain, in order to serve all its stakeholders, has always been our culture.