Cereal chain

Experts on the ground

15 July 2016

They experiment with varieties, new plant protection products and new fertiliser systems. The experts from Soufflet Agriculture’s Technical Department, in their local fields, meet the challenge of farming problems.


Created thirty years ago to test and spread new farming techniques, the Soufflet Group Agriculture Division’s Technical Department has continued to develop and enhance its expertise.


Now numbering twenty, its experts oversee in particular the cropping on some 15,000 trial plots spread across the whole of France.



Outdoor laboratories

The trial grounds are superb monitoring facilities for selecting varieties, listing the techniques and treatments best suited to the trial plot situation, weather and crop health issues. The experiments incorporate multiple factors such as the pressure from disease and the development of resistance to plant protection products. Results from the trials form a sound database that plays a vital part in compiling the Soufflet Group’s varietal offering and steers its choice of technical solutions in response to the needs of farmers and the food industries. Traditionally, in spring, two thousand farmers are invited to visit several experimental plots. They drop in to see with their own eyes the performance of dozens of seeds, fertilisers and weed control solutions.

Nothing can ever be taken for granted


Faced with the changing weather that we are seeing, the appearance of new diseases and ever-evolving regulations, the job is never done for SouffletAgriculture’s experts.
Every year, new experiments are conducted to anticipate and provide support for farming issues and needs, as well as those of existing and future food industries.


Our approach

Right from the outset, the Soufflet Group developed itself in the wheat and barley industries by broadening the scope of its activities and acquiring more in-depth expertise from collection to transformation. Controlling all aspects of the production chain, in order to serve all its stakeholders, has always been our culture.