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Enzymes: applications you don’t always think about

01 November 2011

soufflet alimentaire

The Group subsidiary dedicated to producing and formulating enzymes, Lyven has again just added to its product ranges with new lines for the food and agriculture industries.

Fruit as firm as when it was picked with the expanded PECLYVE PME range. Concentrated Aspergillus niger esterase pectin is very effective for firming up fruit such as strawberries, peaches, pineapples and papayas. Fruits remain as crisp as they were when picked. The range comes in preparations of various concentrations: PECLYVE PME, PME 300, PME 500, PME 900, PME 2000 (powder) and FIRMLYVE, the
most concentrated.

Flavour, colour and productivity for processors of coffee beans and cacao beans with the
PECLYVE LIF+ range Aspergillus niger pectinase preparations from solid state fermentation have a broad spectrum of secondary activities (cellulase, hemicellulase) that speed up the wet removal of mucilage from coffee beans (4 hours instead of 10) but in particular it produces cleaner beans which result, after roasting, in a colour and coffee flavour rated better by panels of experts. As the biochemical characteristics of the bean depend on the variety and maturity of the beans, the range has been segmented: PECLYVE LIF+ Arabica, PECLYVE LIF+ Robusta and PECLYVE LIF+ RIPEN Arabica. In view of the good results on coffee beans, Lyven tested it on cacao beans, which lead to the formulation of PECLYVE LIF+ Cacao that speeds up the fermentation of cacao beans (for example from 7 to 3 days) with the further effect of reducing the risk of taste, smell and colour deviations found after lengthy fermentation.

e-free with PANLYVE TDR and LDR

In plant baking, these enzyme based substitutes, benefitting from the status of technological auxiliaries, enable chemical emulsifiers (DATA, DATEM, mono and di-glycerides) to be fully or partially replaced depending on the recipe, and savings to be made.

Improving the quality and naturalness of products, their appearance and manufacture, productivity… These goals guide Lyven’s staff in the quest for innovative routes that are aimed at sectors as varied as bread production, wine making, fruit processing, animal feed as well as bioethanol, parapharmacy and garden maintenance.

Our approach

Right from the outset, the Soufflet Group developed itself in the wheat and barley industries by broadening the scope of its activities and acquiring more in-depth expertise from collection to transformation. Controlling all aspects of the production chain, in order to serve all its stakeholders, has always been our culture.