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e-clean solutions yet to be used

01 November 2011

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Consumers are attaching increasing importance to the composition of foodstuffs, their origin and naturalness. Rice starches, psyllium fibre and pulse flours are all e-clean, allergen-free solutions. Their range of application is still little exploited.

Classified with higher plants, rice starch is a complex carbohydrate and an essential constituent of human food. To meet the growing demand for e-clean, allergen-free products, Soufflet Alimentaire (the foods division) has just extended its rice starch range. These native products, whether or not precooked, can be used in applications as varied as meats, soups and sauces, dairy products, baby food, sweets and in pet food manufacture. Rice starch with its numerous functionalities is indispensable for thickening, water absorption, as a fat replacer, stabiliser, anti-caking agent and base for flavourings.

Psyllium fibre and pulse flour

In the e-clean approach, psyllium fibre is known for its substantial, rapid water take-up ability by manufacturers of meat products, pet food, diet food specialists as well as in the pharmaceuticals industry. The tiny black, brown or blond seeds are 100% natural soluble (45 to 55%) and insoluble (30 to 35%) fibres, also with thickening and anti-caking properties.

Soufflet Alimentaire has also launched an innovative range of pulse flours which are of interest for their plant protein and fibre contribution, for their nutritional values and their eating properties when used for making snacks, pasta, bread, cakes and morning goods, soups and sauces.

Rice starch, psyllium fibre and pulse flours are ingredients to be seriously considered to meet the aims of the national nutrition health plan which recommends promoting the eating of foods that are a source of starch and a 50% increase in fibre consumption.

Our approach

Right from the outset, the Soufflet Group developed itself in the wheat and barley industries by broadening the scope of its activities and acquiring more in-depth expertise from collection to transformation. Controlling all aspects of the production chain, in order to serve all its stakeholders, has always been our culture.